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Chinese medicine industry

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry--Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentration Industry

Traditional Chinese medicine concentrating equipment uses two-effect evaporation, which has high energy consumption and serious material runaway. The third generation MVR concentrator developed by our company, which uses imported German compressor, has stable operation, low energy consumption and high automation. It has been used steadily in Taiji, Donga Jiao, Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Company, Nanguo Pharmaceutical Company and Tongrentang Pharmaceutical Company in Chongqing. User's unanimous praise.

Product advantages:

1. Compliance with the New GMP Standard

2. Evaporation at low temperature to ensure efficacy

3. Automatic cleaning and disinfection

4. Distilled water can be reused

5. No Material Running Phenomenon

6. Fully automated unmanned operation

7. Low Energy Consumption

8. Low noise

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