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About us
The first batch of domestic high-tech enterprises specializing in MVR evaporator research and development, design, production and sales.
Since its inception, it has made great achievements in related industries, and its influence and performance rank are at the forefront.
Company purpose:
Dedication, Intention, Honesty and Transcendence
Company main business:
MVR evaporative crystallizer, organic matter extraction separator, waste acid recovery incinerator and distillation equipment, etc.
Company products:
MVR mechanical steam recompression device is to work the secondary steam generated in the evaporation system through the compressor, improve the enthalpy of steam, circulate for heating and evaporation, make full use of the residual heat of secondary steam and condensate in the system, and achieve outstanding energy saving effect. Wastewater evaporator, without fresh steam, can save more than 90% of condensate, 80% of human resources, 60% of the site. Turbine extraction: Effective separation of more than 95% COD and more than 90% chroma in wastewater. Salt separation can be achieved by extracting organic matter into MVR.
Qualification certification
EU CE Certification, ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental System Certification
Research and Development team
We have many senior experts from France and Switzerland, and many senior engineers from domestic machinery, chemical industry, environmental protection and fermentation industries. We have built our own advanced laboratories. The team is young, active and energetic. Through continuous learning and summing up experience, we try to innovate, surpass ourselves and pursue excellence. We have won many utility models and invention patents.
Productive strength
There are professional laboratories equipped with COD measuring instrument, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, blast drying box, electronic balance, vibrating screen, muffle furnace, etc. The production base covers an area of 25,000, more than 100 full-time producers, equipped with plasma automatic cutting machine, column plasma automatic welding machine, tube plate automatic welding machine, automatic polishing machine and various lathes, drilling machines, etc., to meet the production needs. In order to improve the production efficiency, the quality of the product is guaranteed and the uncontrollable effects caused by human factors are reduced.
After-sale service
More than 60 full-time after-sales and technical personnel, 24 hours complaint feedback, 48 hours to solve the problem
      SUNEVAP TECH CO.,LTD., at any time to provide you with the latest advances in technology, humanized quality service, and progress with you, common development, trust and benefit, service society.

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