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Zero Discharge and Resource Treatment of Wastewater in Desulfurization Industry

Project Case: Zhejiang Huanyi Magnesium Desulfurization Wastewater Project

The main ingredients of the material are: magnesium sulfate, containing a small amount of calcium sulfate and other impurities

According to the characteristics of materials, the process route of pretreatment + plate forced circulation MVR concentration + cooling crystallization was designed. Through the treatment of this process and the equipment of waste water evaporator, on the one hand, the zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater was realized, on the other hand, the magnesium sulfate produced reached the agricultural standard takeout and realized resource utilization.

Product characteristics:

1. Equipment processing scale: 10t/h

2. Magnesium sulfate content: 10-15%

3. Product output: 2-3t/h

4. Power consumption: 40-50 kw/t

5. Steam consumption: less than 600 kg/h

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