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Technological principle
MVR is the abbreviation of steam mechanical recompression technology. MVR evaporator is an energy-saving technology that reuses the energy of secondary steam generated by itself and converts mechanical energy into heat energy, thereby reducing the demand for external energy. There is also a waste water evaporator. The working process of MVR is to compress low temperature steam through compressor, increase temperature and pressure, increase enthalpy, and then enter the heat exchanger for condensation, so that the liquid can maintain boiling state, so as to make full use of the latent heat of steam. In this way, the waste steam will be fully utilized to recover latent heat and improve thermal efficiency. During the operation, the temperature, pressure and motor speed of the system are controlled by PLC, FA and configuration, so as to keep the evaporation balance of the system. Therefore, MVR has the following advantages:

(1) Clean energy, high thermal efficiency, low power consumption, pollution-free.

(2) The "zero discharge" of industrial wastewater meets the national discharge standards.

(3) Material to be treated has a wide range of applications.

(4) Integration and multi-efficiency, saving manufacturing costs.

(5) Low temperature evaporation and normal temperature evaporation (non-standard, non-pressure vessel design basis).

(6) It can discharge continuously and intermittently.

(7) High degree of automation and low operating cost.

(8) Small size and strong mobility.

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