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Talent recruitment
Recruitment Profile of Jiangsu Ruishenghua Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
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Jiangsu RuiShenghua Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHENZHEN SUNEVAP TECH CO.,LTD. In April 2014, it invested 260 million yuan in Changzhou National High-tech Zone to build the largest MVR energy-saving evaporator research and production base in China. Intelligent production line was put into use in September 2017. The company's main business is to design, produce, install and debug MVR energy-saving evaporator sets for domestic and foreign customers. The company upholds the concept of dedication, dedication, integrity and transcendence, providing a platform for career development for people of insight. Job requirements are shown in the table below.

Serial number



Related majors

Wages and salaries


R&D Engineer


Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering

More than 7 thousand


Reserve cadres


Bachelor degree or above, chemical engineering and technology, environmental science, environmental engineering, chemical machinery, process equipment and control engineering, etc.

4-6 thousand


Electrical Engineer


College or above, electrical automation and other related majors

6-10 thousand


Process debugging


College or above, major in chemical technology, chemical equipment, chemical engineering and technology

4-6 thousand


Electrical commissioning


College, Electrical Automation, etc.

4-7 thousand


Project Engineer


Junior College, Major in Chemical Technology, Chemical Equipment, Engineering Management, etc.

5-8 thousand

Welfare: The company provides accommodation for four people, with air conditioning and shower. Five insurance and one gold, paid annual leave, free lunch, birthday benefits, holiday benefits, free physical examination.

The company is located at 27 Wangtian Road, Changzhou Airport Industrial Park. It is 8 kilometers away from Changzhou North High-speed Railway Station, 5 kilometers away from Changzhou International Airport, 3 kilometers away from the freeway entrance, 160 kilometers away from Shanghai and 120 kilometers away from Nanjing.

Resume mailbox:lut@sunevap.cn

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