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Innovation achievement
Innovation achievement:

1. Developing Control Technology of Crystallization Salt

Through on-line monitoring of solid content, material specific gravity, viscosity and other parameters, the closed state of centrifuge, fluidized bed and valves can be adjusted and controlled in real time by wireless sensor and ultrasonic measurement technology to realize the automatic control of salt crystallization.

The technology can automatically control the solid content of the discharged material at about 10% and the solid content of the thickener at 40%-60%. The phenomenon of pipe plugging in the crystallization part can be reduced from 2 times a day to 1 time a week. The boiling point of mother liquor can be controlled to rise to (+10%) in the design, and the mother liquor can be discharged automatically to ensure that the output of salt fluctuates within 10%, so as to improve the stability of the operation of the equipment.

2. Developing Intelligent MVR Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning System

Through real-time acquisition of operating parameters such as temperature and pressure of heat exchanger, analysis and judgment are made after support layer, network layer, access layer and perception layer, early warning analysis and fault diagnosis are made for the operation status of the equipment to realize the long-distance operation and maintenance of the equipment; through the analysis and early warning of operating parameters of heat exchanger, preventive cleaning is given to customers in advance, and the failure stopping rate is reduced.

The system realizes the collection and real-time monitoring of equipment operation parameters, equipment self-diagnosis, fault early warning and location, expert system, data query statistics, visual presentation, mobile phone APP, online optimization and update of control software and other functions, and improves the level of intelligence.

3. Optimum design of key equipment

As a professional MVR evaporator manufacturer, through optimizing the design of heat exchanger, crystallizer, thickener, mother liquor tank, secondary separator and other key equipment in MVR evaporation equipment, the processing capacity and effect of evaporation and concentration system for complex materials are improved, and the performance of products is improved.

Development and design of cylindrical expansion joint heat exchanger to increase steam heat transfer efficiency by more than 10%; development of crystallizer with salt storage section and cooling coil, thickener with spiral cooling coil and mother liquor tank with spiral heating coil to solve the problem of crystallization blockage caused by temperature loss in mother liquor flow process; development of two-stage separator with mesh automatic positive and negative staggered cleaning to reduce steam The entrained droplet droplets (3-5 um) are more than 99%, which improves the separation efficiency.

4. Improving the Big Data Platform for Equipment Operation

On the basis of the existing industrial Internet of Things platform of MVR equipment, with the help of large data extraction and analysis function, the operation parameters of MVR evaporation equipment are transmitted to the data processing system through the industrial data bridge. After the analysis and judgment of the data processing system, the valuable data are returned to realize the automatic adjustment and operation of the compressor, automatic calculation and control of the amount of mother liquor discharged, and at the same time, reasonable data analysis is made. Parking overhaul time can improve the stability of equipment operation.

Taking the traditional Chinese medicine concentrating industry as an example: in view of the high requirement of equipment safety, advancement and automation in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, a special SCADA system for the traditional Chinese medicine industry is developed. The control variables are about 500. The data collected and controlled by PLC can be adjusted in the range of 1s-1min. At the same time, the system has multi-user level. Combined with the large data system developed by the company, the whole life cycle management of equipment can be realized.

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