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Scope of service

Pyramid Sales ModelUsers buy products directly.
EMC mode Renovate the original evaporator equipment. In a certain period of time, the user will pay the monthly cost savings to RuiShenghua.
BOT modeRuiShenghua provides a complete set of equipment operation users to deal with the solution, users according to each unit of water treatment to pay processing fees to RuiShenghua.
Energy-saving Service Enterprise Model According to the relevant regulations of the state, Ruihua cooperates with relevant enterprises to win-win and share the benefits of energy saving and emission reduction.

  All life service 

Provide a complete set of energy-saving evaporator design scheme

 Ruihua provides ONE ONE personalized design according to different industries and needs of each customer. The company has Switzerland, France's senior mechanical compressor evaporator design experts. Returned professionals, domestic senior mechanical experts. We will design a set of most efficient and economical technical solutions for each customer. Is a professional wastewater evaporator, MVR evaporator MVR evaporator manufacturers.

Provide evaporator equipment production     

 After completing the whole design scheme, RuiShenghua will be responsible for the purchase, production, testing and quality control of the whole set of evaporator equipment spare parts.

Provide installation and commissioning of evaporator   

 After rigorous quality testing, the whole machine passed the test. As a professional manufacturer of MVR evaporator for wastewater evaporator, the professional installation and commissioning engineer of Ruihua will go to the customer site to do installation and commissioning work to ensure the normal operation of the evaporator and meet the design requirements.

360 Degree Whole Course Professional Service     

 From the first consultation telephone, fax, mail, from the beginning of design, production, installation and commissioning, Ruihua will provide you with the most efficient services throughout.


5*8 Hours Routine Service

Customize the most appropriate solution for customers
7*24-hour emergency service  Analysis of customer pending solution
Provide one-year free warranty service Upgrade existing equipment and control systems
Enjoy lifelong maintenance services  Improve user's original equipment and optimize equipment
Field investigation and data collection  

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