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Jiangsu Science and Technology Entrepreneur

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Recently, the Organizational Department of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the office of Jiangsu Provincial Leading Group of Talents Work, Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission and Jiangsu Science and Technology Department jointly issued a list of candidates for "Jiangsu Science and Technology Entrepreneurs". Zhang Xiaojiang, chairman of Jiangsu Ruihua Energy Technology Co., Ltd., was named on the list and was awarded the first batch of "Jiangsu Science and Technology Entrepreneurs".

It is reported that the purpose of this selection is to carry out the spirit of "Opinions on Implementing the Support Plan for Technological Entrepreneurs" (Su Lintong [2018] 32). It is proposed that around 1500 technological entrepreneurs should be selected and supported in a five-year cycle in the whole province, so as to build a team of entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of industrial development, full of innovation and entrepreneurship, and dare to participate in international competition, so as to better take the lead. Leading Jiangsu enterprises to become bigger and stronger, to achieve high-quality development. The main candidates for Jiangsu Science and Technology Entrepreneurs are the chairman or general manager of high-tech and high-growth enterprises. On the basis of individual declaration and preliminary examination and recommendation from all over the country, the provincial entrepreneurs'selection was comprehensively examined by the Organization Department of the provincial Party committee, the provincial talent office, the provincial economic and credit commission and the provincial science and technology department, and the list of "Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurs" was finally confirmed.

The selection of chairman Zhang Xiaojiang is not only the recognition of the company in personnel training, but also the conditions for the company to enjoy various support in the future.

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